Appointment of a new Principal

Otherplace Grammar School needs to appoint a new Principal.  The last time they did this was 12 years ago and only one member of the Board has had experience in appointing to this type of position.  As it happens, the Board has no one with educational experience.  They decide to commission an executive search company to manage the process, but are conscious that they would benefit from a better understanding themselves of the educational skills and “technical know-how’ that they require in their Principal.

MarlowJones is commissioned to contribute in two ways:

  • To deliver a two hour briefing session for all Board members on the educational skills and “technical know-how” that they might need to consider in deciding on their new Principal.  MarlowJones will aim to clarify differences in educational approach that the Board will need to understand in order to draw that out of candidates
  • To be an advisory member of the appointment panel