What We Do

Our aim is to help Principals and School Boards be exceptional leaders of learning.

The capacity for this leadership lives entirely within the school……….so MarlowJones’s role is to use our experience and skills to help you develop and maximise these attributes. And we believe an external perspective is highly beneficial because it brings a new viewpoint: objectivity, the advantage of having had a range of different experiences and “analysis without baggage”.

The services we can provide are tailor made to meet your needs. The starting point is always for us to listen very carefully to your own thinking and to understand what has prompted you to seek to engage with us. The basis for this relationship is trust, and that may inevitably take some time. We believe that this preliminary, no-commitment “foundation-building” is essential before we agree together on the work to be done.

Here are some examples of the range of partnership work that may then be undertaken: