The Emotional Intelligence of the Senior Leadership Team

Pearseford School is a large Catholic school with a 12-member senior team.  Over the last couple of years, the team has experienced internal and externally induced turbulence.  As I observe a couple of team meetings, I sense they are a bit stuck.  As a result, they feel the need to rebuild trust as a team so that the team becomes more effective, moving from good to great.  I am working with the Principal and the team in a coaching role starting from the premise that team self-awareness, the first element in the development of emotional intelligence, is an essential requirement as trust is rebuilt.  I am using DiSC®️ Everything Management as a powerful tool to bring insights and understanding as individual team members relearn trust and gain the courage to drop their guard and to be vulnerable.

The anticipated outcomes are:

  • Significantly higher levels of openness, interdependence and shared purpose
  • Feedback from other colleagues who are noticing the team’s confidence and impact as leaders.