Coaching a new Principal

The governing body of a medium sized regional independent school recently appointed Peter Smith as its next Principal; he takes up his post in 6 months time.  Although relatively young, Peter was the outstanding candidate with just the right blend of emotional intelligence and educational vision that the governors believe is required.  He is currently Assistant Principal in a similar school.  The governing body has no reservations as to this appointment but sense that Peter may need to think himself into Principalship in order to step up into the role with confidence.  The governing body engages me to coach Peter as part of his preparation for the role.  The assignment is scheduled to take 8 hours of face to face sessions before and after the start of the appointment.

The anticipated outcomes are:

  • Peter is able to hit the ground running with confidence
  • He is able to focus quickly on the strategic visioning for the school
  • The governing body gains insight into how accurately it has assessed his skills and abilities during the appointment process in order to provide him with on-going development opportunities