What comes after the pink wig?

What a wonderfully exuberant bash we had for my retirement party! Set in the historic Charterhouse in London, friends and colleagues joined with me to celebrate 20 years of working with United Learning. I was overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity and humbled by the appreciative words that were said. So, what was with the pink wig?

The exhilarating thing about taking a risk with one’s life and embarking on an adventure is that you have the opportunity to write the story in advance. So, yes, I could dye my hair pink – although I promise you I won’t. Leaving United Learning after 20 years of the most amazing experiences in education, selling up and returning to Melbourne in Australia and then starting to build a new career! What could be more exciting?

What made the Charterhouse party so much fun were all my colleagues who shared the event. I have had the most amazing fortune to work closely with more than 100 Heads, Principals, Heads of Primary, Prep, Junior and Infant schools, and Deputy Heads over my time in United Learning. Together we have learnt about great educational leadership. I have stood side by side with each one as they have sought – and in most cases succeeded – to create an outstanding educational experience for the young people in their care. We have travelled through highs and lows, achievements, successes, adversities, joyful celebrations and tragedies. And at the centre of all are the children and young people and their futures. I take away from this exceptional experience a unique understanding of senior leadership in schools.

I hope to be able to harness this extraordinary wealth of knowledge and to apply all that I have learnt in a new context as I travel to the other side of the world – that at least is the plan! Follow me as I launch myself into the unknown.