School leadership

Making the difference to learning

Investing wisely in how school leadership grows and develops impacts exponentially on the quality of the educational experience

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Coaching and mentoring

An enriching gift in a gold box

Coaching ……. creating a trusting, reflective space for Principals and school leaders to challenge themselves in their relentless quest for excellence

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School Governance

Understanding how to harness the Board’s full potential

The school board is too often an untapped resource - full of generosity and capable of adding immense value when it brings rigour and focus to the right priorities

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Marlow Jones Education

Marlow Jones Education is an educational consultancy founded and directed by me, Charlotte Rendle-Short. I provide bespoke services for Principals and senior leaders in schools as they aim to be exceptional leaders of learning. Investing wisely in the growth and development of school leadership impacts exponentially on the quality of education that students experience.

The capacity for this leadership lives entirely within each school……….so my role is to use my wide-ranging experience, knowledge and expert skills to help you develop and maximise these attributes. I believe I can offer an external perspective: objectivity, the advantage of having had a range of different experiences and “analysis without baggage”.

I hope that Marlow Jones Education and this website might encourage robust thinking and courageous debate as you reflect on these questions.

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Marlow Jones Education believes that


Leaders in schools are first and foremost leaders of learning. Their own learning, the learning of others.
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Each and every member of the school community takes on a leadership role in some way and at some time.
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The Principal and the School Board visibly demonstrate and embody the strength and depth of learning in the school.
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